Matt Littlewood


Originally from the U.K., Matt Littlewood studied western classical music in Exeter England. For the past 10 years he has been very active on the Indian jazz scene, and has performed with various groups at all major venues and festivals in India and abroad.

Krishna Kumar

Vocal, Kancheera, Band leader

Is heir to a long music and dance tradition His voice, expressing the wide repertoire of Carnatic music, has been described as "divinely inspired". Krishna's earlier explorations of fusing Carnatic with Western popular music, inspired him to start Krishnas Templerock, which he calls "an experiment into the unity of music".

Krishna is settled in Pondicherry, South India, where he runs a dance and music school.

Aman Mahajan


A graduate of the Berklee College of Music (Boston), Mahajan is widely influenced by jazz, blues, electronic music and folk music from Africa, India and the American continents. He has worked with musicians from all over the world in a plethora of musical idioms.

Vijii Cheyur

Electric Guitar

A stage performer from the age of 11, Vijii combines in his playing for the best results, his classical music training from the Trinity College of Music with his experience of playing Rock, Pop and Jazz in various bands. He is very much in demand for his talent and originality.

Sowri Rajan


is the son of famous Tavil Master S.Jayajendran. He has accompanied various artists in India and abroad, like L.Subramaniam, M.S.Gopalakrishnan, John Mc Laughlin, Trilok Gurtu and many more. Presently he is teaching south Indian drums at the Music College in Cuddalore.

Misho M'ba

Bass guitar

A versatile bass player, he has worked with many renowned musicians and performed around the world. Settled today in Pondicherry, he is regularly performing and recording with different musicians all over India.

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